Things to do in Dubai

Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is a veritable playground for expats and tourists in the Arabian Peninsula. The Emirate is famous for its architecture, glamour and thriving economy as tax-free living entices expats from all over the world. At Health Insurance Dubai, we help you get the best health cover for your needs, leaving you free to enjoy the plethora of activities the metropolis offers in the knowledge that your health is protected.

Stuck for things to do in Dubai? Not likely, but if you need a little inspiration, let us help you. There are even a few free activities!


Yoga classesThings to do in Dubai

Life in Dubai is a whirlwind of social events, business deals and networking. This can wreak havoc with your health and stress levels, so relax and unwind with a yoga class. Yoga is a great way to stretch your limbs without exerting too much energy in the Gulf’s searing heat. Whether you practice Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Jivamukti, Yin, or Yoga Nidra you won’t struggle to find a class in Dubai. Try Friends of Yoga, a not-for-profit organisation that runs free yoga classes in Dubai.


Dubai is a tax-free haven for shopaholics. At the beginning of every year, the emirate even hosts a Shopping Festival! There are a superabundance of shops and malls in Dubai, which is home to the largest shopping mall in the world. Situated under the Burj Khalifa, the mall is the most visited lifestyle destination in the world and even has an indoor aquarium. For souvenirs and gifts, the Karama market is well known as the home of ‘real fakes’. Dubai is also a great place to buy gold, and Dubai Gold Souk is just one of the many market that boast a huge array of shiny things. For clothes, remember that international brands are not tax free so they can be more expensive than stores in your home country. Looking for something different? Visit Lisaili Camel Market, near the Dubai Racing and Camel club.

Fine Dining

Unsurprisingly, Dubai plays host to many sophisticated eateries. The collision of cultures and nationalities that shape Dubai is evident in the plethora of options when it comes to dinner options, and it’s possible to find cuisines from around the globe on your doorstep. Acclaimed chefs come to Dubai to work in the star spangled hotels and restaurants. Eating out in Dubai isn’t just about the food; the décor and service make a meal in the emirate a real multisensory experience.

Our top restaurants for expats in Dubai: Zengo for the creative blend of Asian cuisines, Mazina for the Marina views, and Blue Jade for the delicious raw bar and sushi station.

NightclubsNightclubs in Dubai

Dubai has a pulsating nightlife scene for expats. After all, it is home to the highest nightclub in the world, which is located inside the Burj Khalifa. On Thursday and Friday nights, Duabi’s hotspots come alive with well-dressed crowds. Many of the clubs even hold a Ladies Night where females can enjoy free drinks.

Our top nightclubs for expats in Dubai: Club 360 for House music, Trilogy for three floors of entertainment and Boudoir for an exclusive experience.

Hotel Brunches

Hotel brunches are often the highlight of expats’ in Dubai’s social calendar. Paying a set price entitles you to an appetising buffet and drinks are included. These events usually last all day and into the night.

Get out of town

Escape the bustle of day to day life in Dubai with an excursion. The dazzling architecture in Dubai can sometimes make you forget you’re in a desert. Remind yourself with a trip to the appropriately named Big Red sand dunes. The atmosphere and photo opportunities are best at sunset. You can even ride quad bikes – just make sure you have health insurance! Book a tour with Arabian Adventures.


Yes, really. The Mall of the Emirates’ indoor ski slope means you can effectively ski in the desert. Even if you aren’t much of a snow sports enthusiast, the cool temperatures can be a welcome relief in Dubai’s stifling climate.

A day at the Beach

Most beaches in Dubai are owned by the big hotels, but if they aren’t full you can pay a fee to use their facilities. Alternatively, make your way to a free beach or walk around the stunning Marina. You can experience the old Dubai at the creek – a reminder that Dubai has many faces!

Dubai really does have something for everyone, and this year is a great time to move to the UAE. Do you have a complaint health insurance plan? Contact our team of experienced advisors today for a free Dubai health insurance quote.

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