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The Secret of Dubai’s Success

There’s no doubt about it – Dubai is THE place to be. But how has Dubai transformed itself from barren desert to thriving metropolis with such a strong claim to wealth that the city even has ATMs that dispense gold? How has Dubai retained its culture and tradition while still embracing the modern world so completely?

Health Insurance Dubai investigate how the Emirate came to be the destination with an economy that entices expats and travellers from all over the world. To what does Dubai owe its success?


Oil isn’t everythingHealth insurance dubai

Dubai officials say that depleting oil sources won’t threaten Dubai’s economy because the city has worked hard to construct other sources of wealth by creating a diverse economy. A combination of dynamic leaders and wealthy investors means that Dubai can rest assured that when the last barrel of oil is shipped out, the party won’t stop.

With a rapidly expanding technological market that is attracting talent from all over the world, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has said that Dubai’s job market should weather what could have been a storm relatively well. Expats working in Dubai and the UAE are showing no signs of an imminent return to their home countries, and many are confident that they will incur a salary raise. According to a YouGov survey, the expectations for job growth in the UAE is twice that of some countries of the region.

So, while the rapid growth that has shaped the UAE may have slowed, the momentum it catalysed is keeping Dubai successful. “Oil today represents less than a third of the GDP, in a country which produces approximately three million barrels [a day],” Sheikh Abdullah said. “It was the main source of income in the UAE’s first years but now 8.1 per cent of the GDP comes from tourism and 15 per cent from the industry.”


A Lifestyle of luxury

The Dubai Mall is once again the ‘world’s most-visited lifestyle destination’, welcoming over 80 million visitors in 2014. That’s more than New York’s Times Square! Dubai maintains its name as luxury capital of the world with ongoing development, innovative designs and architectural feats.

Tax-free living in Dubai plays a big part in lending its inhabitants an exceptional lifestyle. Similarly, the low price of gold ensures Dubai keeps shining.

What’s next for the city? The 328-key InterContinental Dubai Marina will welcome guests from May 2015. The hotel will feature nine food and beverage venues, including Ginter – a sophisticated gin bar.


The role of WomenWomen in Dubai

Females’ role has evolved in line with the gulf’s progress. The right of UAE women to take part in the development of all areas of their society is laid out in the UAE Constitution, adopted when the federation was founded in 1971. It states that, before the law, women are equal to men.

In Dubai, women enjoy the same legal status, claim to titles and access to education as males and have the right to practice the profession of their choice. In order to implement the late Sheikh Zayed’s vision of a modern society based on Arab and Islamic traditions, Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak has worked tirelessly to promote the role of women since the creation of the Federation.



Location Location Location

The most populated of the seven emirates, Dubai is located along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula.

Situated almost equidistant from Europe, Australia and Far East Asia; Dubai is in a perfect location to seize the crown of economical epicenter of the world. It has capitalised on this by establishing its airport as a layover destination for long distance travellers.



A claim to the best of the bestDubai extravagence

Dubai has a fetish for breaking world records. Home to everything from the largest vertical maze in the world to the largest shopping mall, the country has a ‘bigger is better’, ‘more is more’ mentality – and its extravagance attracts many visitors and expats.

In addition to the novelty of its record breaking landmarks, Dubai is also an architectural masterpiece, with designs such as the Palm Islands recognisable from space.



The incredibly diverse population of Dubai breeds a country in which mutual respect is a given. This kind of respect is common to countries which are home to a large expat population.

The rules and regulations around public behaviour and dress in Dubai are in place to prevent anyone being offended. It is important to remember that Dubai is a Muslim country.



New laws in Dubai will put the burden of providing International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) firmly on the shoulders of the employer in order to maintain the country’s leading healthcare facilities, meaning eventually everyone in Dubai will have health cover. Health insurance is a form of security and it is important for every individual to know that if he needs access to healthcare, it is easily available.

With 2,200 state-of-the-art establishments in Dubai to take care care of residents’ health and wellbeing, it’s understandable that the emirate is bringing in such rigid health cover laws to maintain its facilities.

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