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Staying Healthy in the UAE

If you’re working in the UAE, your working hours may be lengthy to keep up with the pace of the Emirates’ ever evolving economy. While people working in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any of the other seven Emirates enjoy high salaries and a glamourous lifestyle, the stress that comes with success in the region can taint any expat’s experience of life in the Gulf.

How can expats stay healthy in the UAE? How can employers look after their staff’s health and well being in the UAE?

Working hoursHow to stay fit in UAE

According to Herman Miller, a workplace design company, 32 per cent of men and a fifth of women in the UAE spend longer at their desks now than they did in 2010.

Many corporations who employ expats in the UAE have offices in other countries, and this can mean that staff have to be in the Dubai office at 6am to catch a 10am conference call with London.

The fast pace of life in the UAE can make it easy to overlook the effect of a high flying lifestyle on your health. Pressure to perform and the constant need to increase employee productivity in a highly competitive job market can translate to poor health, so it’s important to ensure you have a comprehensive health plan for the UAE that meets all of your individual needs.

Cardiovascular disease is the principal cause of death in the UAE, and this may be influenced by stress levels.

Companies with a workforce in the Emirates are taking note of the effect of long working hours and life in the UAE on their employees’ health with specially designed offices and the introduction of flexible working hours to accommodate their talent’s needs. Find out what your employer is doing to care for the workforce’s well-being.


Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is on the rise, and a man recently died in Abu Dhabi from the disease.

Mers-CoV is a flu-like illness that develops into severe acute respiratory illness causing renal failure. People with diabetes and existing lung problems are more at risk, and though the source of the virus is currently unknown, it is believed to be transmitted by animals. Vulnerable people are advised to avoid contact with camels. General food and personal hygiene is also paramount.

Dust in the desert

Sandstorms are an unfortunate part of daily life in the UAE, and the combination of dry heat and dust can wreak havoc on your lungs. If possible, stay indoors during sandstorms. In the heat of a Dubai day, dehydration can be a killer, so ensure you drink plenty of water

Staying fit in the UAE

The searing heat makes outdoor exercise difficult for expats and locals in the UAE, but the Emirates boast top of the range gyms. It’s important to keep your body healthy with exercise and sensible eating to avoid medical problems.

Healthcare in UAE

Healthcare in the UAE is of a very high standard and strict visa regulations are in place to ensure that all foreigners living and working in the region hold comprehensive health insurance.

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