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Why buy International Health Insurance for Dubai?

While Dubai offers UAE nationals an excellent healthcare system, this is not accessible for expatriates. People moving to Dubai must have insurance that complies with Dubai’s strict laws to get a visa, reflecting the UAE’s wish to offer expats a healthy, happy lifestyle.

Local plans in Dubai can restrict treatment to within Dubai and only provide access to a limited number of hospitals. International health insurance however, offers worldwide protection. It’s an essential for expats living in Dubai, and our team assess an array of plans to find a compliant plan that meets both your needs and Dubai’s government legislation.

Inpatient covered in full

This means if you require treatment that involved an overnight stay, such as surgery your plan will cover the cost (benefit)

Visa application compliant

If you’re applying for a residence visa in Dubai you will require a compliant health plan. Let us help you.

You decide where to go

Compared to some local plans, our international plans offer a wider selection of locations to receive treatment

International cover

Should you wish to travel outside of Dubai, international cover will protect you wherever you go.

Financial protection

Healthcare in the UAE can be costly, but international health insurance offers protection against these costs.

Full application support

We’ll guide you through the entire process of purchasing your health insurance making it a breeze

Available benefits include:

• Evacuation and repatriation

• Pregnancy and childbirth medical conditions

• Limited cover for routine and complex dental treatment

• Limited cover for renal failure and dialysis

• A flexible solution with optional benefits including dental, optical,  Additional Out-patient & Alternative Therapies and well-being.

• Extensive benefits as standard with $7.5 million cover

• Access to international healthcare support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

• Evacuation to an appropriate facility if treatment isn’t available locally

• An easy claims process – with direct settlement, including dental and optical claims

• In and day-patient treatment for all eligible conditions

• Full refund for cancer treatment

• Full refund for out-patient treatment

• Limited cover for the maintenance of chronic conditions

This above list is for indicative purposes only. The benefits available to you will be based on your individual circumstances.

What is the minimum level of compliant cover?

For a plan to be compliant with Dubai’s resident visa laws there are specific criteria it must meet. Health Insurance Dubai recommends cover that meets these requirements, including:

• In patient
• Out patient
• Non-inclusion of pre-existing conditions
• Cover for any dependents or spouse

Your health is important, and not having the right health insurance in Dubai could affect your career. An extended period of illness could put your job at risk, and if you do not have sufficient savings, you could find yourself in a very difficult situation. Not only does International health insurance in Dubai protect against financial risk; easy access to quality care and treatment can mean a faster return to work after an illness.

Although your employer should provide you with cover, they may not provide an adequate level of health insurance for your individual needs. For this reason it’s important you question exactly what your plan covers and if it is right for you. If you are confused about whether your plan is providing enough cover we are more than happy to discuss your situation with you.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I choose where to receive cover?

Yes, with international health insurance you can choose where you receive care in Dubai. Unlike some local plans, International Health Insurance can offer access to more a extensive list of medical facilities.

Is travel insurance a suitable alternative?

If you are looking for a compliant solution then no. International health insurance is compliant for visa applications and offers much more comprehensive cover for healthcare costs.

How long can I get cover for?

International health insurance is intended for more than 12 months cover. Beyond that you can get cover indefinitely which is charged annually.