how to get a job in dubai

How to Get a Job in Dubai

A glittering monument to the meeting of Eastern and Western culture with a thriving economy; Dubai has a lot to offer expats, from a high quality of life to no income tax on wages. Whether it’s the glamorous lifestyle, the attractive salaries or something else that’s drawing you to Dubai, you will need a job in the emirate to live there long-term. However, landing your dream job in Dubai can be difficult and many people don’t know where to start.looking for a job in dubai

We are experts when it comes to finding international health cover for individuals and groups in the Middle East and we talk to people planning to work in Dubai daily. Not only do we help you find the best health cover in Dubai for your specific needs, we’ve also put together a helpful guide for your Dubai job search. With our guide, you can find a job in Dubai that makes use of your skills and experience and opens up a world of opportunities.

To work in the Middle East you will need certain skills, qualifications and most importantly, an international outlook. As per UAE Labour Law, a hiring company is required to pay all the expenses related to the recruitment process, which makes it more difficult for people applying for less skilled roles because most companies prefer not to spend on things like flights for non-managerial staff positions.

It’s a good idea to look for a job in Dubai while you are still in your home country because the city is an expensive place to live for any length of time if you don’t have an income. Expats considering working in Dubai should also be aware that the hiring process has become increasingly rigorous. You can expect to complete multiple interviews and reference checks in the application process, and Skype interviews are the norm. In Dubai, there are no anti-discriminatory laws; most firms are very specific about ethnic origins, age and appearance so it is important to include a professional photograph of yourself in your CV.

Popular sectors for expats to work in DubaiIndividual - yound man oil industry

Dubai has made efforts to invest in areas besides oil and gas to counteract the potential downfall it could face from depleting resources, and this has created a diverse economy in which expats can find employment.

Expat jobs in the UAE are mostly in banking and finance, insurance, construction, retail and services, and the telecom sector. Aerospace, boat building, construction, natural gas, petroleum and petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals are also strong sectors.

However, public relations, advertising, marketing and media are all up and coming sectors in Dubai, as are engineering, education, healthcare, tourism and manufacturing.

Some of the best major companies to work for in the UAE are:, DHL, EMC, Ericsson, FedEx Express, Marriott, Microsoft Gulf, Omnicom Media Group MENA, THE One, Weber Shandwick.

 How to find a job in DubaiGuide to finding work in Dubai

If you already know what kind of job you want in Dubai, a simple Google search will lead you to the companies with offices in Dubai in your sector. If there is a particular company you would like to work for in Dubai, keep an eye on their website and social media channels to be the first to know about new job openings.

Your CV should be up to date and you don’t have to stick to the one-page format that is the norm in the UK. Dubai employers prefer a more extensive account of your skills and experience, so get bragging!

LinkedIn is also a useful tool for finding work in the Middle East and can be especially useful for expats and people who are looking for a job in the UAE while still in their home country. Create your online profile and stuff it with keywords related to the industry you have experience in to increase the chances of a recruiter finding you. There are numerous LinkedIn groups specifically for people looking for a job in Dubai, so join the ones that suit you.

A well thought out personal profile on LinkedIn can be a great tool for your job search, and it’s becoming the norm to link to your LinkedIn profile in your job applications to support your cover letter and CV.

Recruitment websites

Most large companies looking for staff in Dubai use a recruitment company, so you should sign up with one which specialises in the UAE or Dubai.

Recruitment agencies use your professional profile to sell you as a candidate to potential employers. Most companies in Dubai, particularly for higher, more in-demand job positions, will hire recruitment agencies to help them find the right talent. The better the salary package your targeted employer offers you, the more money your recruitment agency will make. It is, therefore, in their best interest to ensure that you find a job and get a competitive salary package. The best way to work with a recruitment agency is to check out their website first and make sure that they deal with jobs in your field, then be specific about the kind of role you are looking for.

One of the most popular recruitment websites in the Gulf and Middle East is Bayt. We suggest uploading your CV to Bayt to gain maximum exposure to recruiters and potential employers.

More Dubai recruitment websites:

Akhtaboot;How to get a job in Dubai using recruitment sites

BAC Middle East;;;;

Monster Gulf;


What you can expect to receive from your Dubai employer

Because highly skilled candidates are in hot demand in Dubai, HR departments offer great incentives in their employee benefits packages. Generally, expats who come to Dubai for work can expect to receive initial flight to Dubai and hotel accommodation on arrival (usually for a period of a week to a month), A return flight to your home country once a year, and standard healthcare insurance (Health Benefits Contribution), which covers the cost of a health card and makes a contribution toward general public healthcare.

You should consider taking out your own international health insurance policy if your employer does not offer one and an international health plan will offer you more protection than a local plan. With international cover, you will have insurance and access to private medical treatment  even outside of Dubai.

You will also need to get your own insurance for any gaps in your cover, for example in the period between arriving in Dubai and your employee healthcare plan taking effect. Some companies’ health plans do not begin to cover you until a certain period of time has passed in which you are employed by the company.

Additionally, if your employee health plan does not cover you for maternity care, dental treatment or anything else you may require, you should consider purchasing additional cover to protect yourself.

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