Employee Insurance

Employee health insurance

The Dubai Health Authority has gradually been increasing its health cover requirements for expatriates, and the next stage will require companies with 100 – 199 employees to ensure their staff have compliant coverage by the end of July 2015. Companies with fewer than 100 employees have until the end of June 2016.

Health insurance requirements for employers in Dubai:

  • Employers must bear all costs.
  • The insurance must be valid for the length of the employee’s work period. This must be verified by the employer.
  • Employers are liable for costs in medical emergencies if any of their employees has no health insurance.
  • All employees must have health insurance cards
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    While this phased programme gives smaller firms plenty of time to find the best cover for their staff, we recommend preparing now.

    Quote from Steve Nelson, Sales Advisor at Medibroker:

    “Regulation for medical insurance in Dubai is extremely strict, you must have a plan that complies with the local legislation. Dubai has taken its time to introduce this legislation – Abu Dhabi did a similar thing back in 2007, but the result is no less stringent”

    If your company’s workforce has recently grown, it’s important you ensure that all staff have the right cover. The law will also backdate fines, meaning companies with recent growth and subsequent recruitment which shifts them into a higher category size can also be fined from the date that the breach occurred – i.e. the date the company grew.

    These developments in Dubai’s visa requirements will also have an effect on recruitment: if an individual is not properly insured, the Dubai-based employer or sponsor will be unable to obtain a residence visa for that individual.

    The Dubai government will also ensure the imposed penalties are greater than any benefit that individuals and companies may incur by not complying with these new health insurance rules.

    We advise that you take the earliest opportunity to ensure your existing workforce has the correct health insurance. Companies from multiple industry sectors trust Health Insurance Dubai with finding the best employee health plan in their commitment to providing the highest standards of employee health, safety and well-being.

    If you have staff working in Dubai, then we can find the right health insurance solution for you...
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