5 Reasons to move to Dubai

The cars… oh god the cars

Dubai could very well be called one of the super car capitals of the world. It’s rather well established that if your Ferrari or Lamborghini isn’t modified, then frankly it isn’t going to turn any heads in Dubai.

Even the police in Dubai enjoy cruising in some of the world’s most expensive cars. The video below was released by the Dubai Police force on the 9th of February, exhibiting their fleet of super cars.

While it could be argued that the extravagant police cars in Dubai are more for show than actual practical use, this glossy 4K video is certainly impressive… Dubai even knows how to Youtube in style!



The malls with more visitors than the Eiffel tower

The rest of the world’s malls can’t compete with the shopaholics’ havens that Dubai has to offer. Due to the sky high temperatures at peak times of the year, many residents and expats alike seek out the relief of Dubai’s forgiving air conditioned buildings.

Dubai’s main mall provides comfortable air conditioning and a plethora of entertainment solutions with which to fill your days.

With over 1200 retail stores and over 200 restaurants, it’s no wonder that in 2014 Dubai’s largest shopping mall saw over 80 million people pass through its doors.

Fantastic employment/financial opportunities

With Dubai’s employment opportunities booming and famous zero tax living, it comes as little surprise that expat workers from around the world look to Dubai when searching for work overseas.

Most expat positions in Dubai come with an attractive benefits package, including a generous 30 day holiday allowance and once a year plane tickets to your home country (although this really depends on your position and the employer).

With a rapidly expanding job market, the competition to recruit top talent is intensifying and employers are being forced to up their game in order to attract staff by offering better employee benefits. These can include improved health insurance plans, better vacation packages, pensions schemes and much more.


Made with expats in mindshopping-mall-286717_1280

Although Dubai has maintained a rich cultural heritage, the city itself and its facilities were built with foreign workers and tourists in mind since oil was discovered in the region in the 1960’s.

The amount of oil exported from Dubai has been in decline since the early 90’s with oil now only accounting for around 4% of the city’s GDP. However the riches from oil have resulted in enough wealth to continue developing the city into the multi-cultural hub it is today.

From its lavish multi-million pound malls, extravagant architecture at every turn and array of luxurious hotels, Dubai is a city built with its visitors in mind. With purpose built infrastructure and an international airport set to overtake other major competitors, Dubai offers comfortable surroundings for expats who are willing to be open and understanding with the unique cultural traditions and lifestyle that define life in the United Arab Emirates.


High standards for… well, just about everything!"GOLD to go vending machine" by Guðmundur Ólafsson - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Given that there are literally vending machines which dispense gold, when you hear 5 star in Dubai you really can expect 5 star! Whether you’re staying in one of the city’s many hotels or eating at one of its critically acclaimed restaurants, you can expecting nothing less than exceptional service and quality.

It’s a city that’s built to impress so if you are heading out to Dubai to work, you can rest assured that you will be entering a lifestyle worth making the move for. Better still, Dubai’s living costs are similar to those of Britain, and this only becomes more appealing when you factor in the attractive salaries that most corporations in Dubai can offer employees.

Many people come and go from Dubai but year after year it continues to attract millions of visitors from around the world and retains its title as one of the best options for expats who are looking for great work opportunities and a high standard of living overseas.


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